Are you wondering if an outboard boat plan is the right choice for you? Here in this article, we will go over the things to keep in mind with this kind of boat.

An outboard boat has a propulsion system wherein there’s an engine, gearbox and jet drive, all of which are designed to be mounted outside of the transom. Outboard system are also responsible for providing steering control thus controlling the direction of the thrust.

There are some issues which needs to be considered in building a boat using an outboard boat plans. Some of these are:


This refers to the angle of  outboard boat motors for sale the motor to the hull. The ideal angle should be one in which the hull is on the surface instead of plowing through the waters.

Optimal trim will depend largely on factors such as speed, weight, balance and hull design. Of course you will also need to consider the water condition in designing the trim.


To achieve optimum performance, the motor on the transom is an important consideration. The design should allow for a motor to be as high as possible without loss of water pressure. This will result in greater speed while minimizing hydrodynamic drag.


This phenomenon occurs when exhaust gas is drawn into the spinning blades which would cause to no generation of the thrust. The factors that has to be looked into with this phenomenon are: motor mounted too high or it could be that the motor is trimmed out excessively. Also, you may have to check if there’s a damage to the anti-ventilation plate or propeller. Or it is also possible that foreign matter are lodged in the diffusing ring.


In relation to outboard motors, cavitation often results when a foreign object like seaweeds are lodged on the lower unit causing interruption of water flow into the propeller blades.

These are some of the things you have to keep in mind when building an outboard boat.

Also, I would like to point out that outboard boat are better than inboard boats in a sense that you can easily remove its power source for maintenance.

If you are keen on building a boat with an outboard boat plans, you may want to take a look at this catalog of boat plans which I find very helpful. It will also give you an idea what goes into building a good inboard or outboard boat and all the consideration discussed here are also incorporated in the boat plan.


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